NTRCA Subjective English

খ সেটঃ ২০১২

বিষয়ঃ ইংরেজি (ঐচ্ছিক)

পদের নামঃ প্রভাষক

সময়—– ৩ ঘন্টা

পূর্নমান ———১০০


[N.B.- The figures in the right margin indicate full marks.]

1.  Answer any two of the following-   10 x 2 = 20

(a) Who were the university Wits? Discuss their contribution to English Drama.

(b) Write a note on the eighteenth century prose with reference to Defoe, Swift, Addison, Steele and Dr. Jonson

(c) What is the characteristics of the Restoration Age? What pictures of society do you get in Congreve’s “The Way of the World”?

(d) What do you mean by Romanticism? Choose and comment on the poet(s) who pioneered the Romantic Movement.

2. Answer any two of the following-

(a) Write a note on John Keats’ sensuousness in his odes.

(b) Is there any scope to sympathise with the character of Lady Macbeth? Substantiate your answer.

(c) Consider “The Rape of the Lock” as a social satire.

(d) Critically evaluate Milton’s poetic style in Paradise Lost.


3. Write short notes on the following terms (any four):-

(a) Tragic-comedy;

(b) Lyric;

(c) Romance;

(d) Satire;

(e) Interlude;

(f) Parable;

(g) Miracle and morality plays;

(h) Ballad


4. Identify the figures of speech in the underlined parts of the following quotations and explain their functions:-

(a) Beauty cannot keep her lustrous eyes.

(b) And miles to go before I sleep

(c) Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought.

(d) Failures are the pillars of success.

(e) Nine soldiers out of ten are born fools.


5. Write a brief summary of the following passage:-

Newspaper writing is quite different from other forms of writing like Academic Writing and Creative writing. Newspapers are read everyday by a large number of people from all sections of the society. Therefore the language used in any newspaper has to be factual and easy. Prospective writers for a newspaper must understand that while reading a newspaper a person would be annoyed if he or she has to frequently look up dictionary. Also the reader is keen to know the actual happening, the real story, not a news story made up by the reporter’s own imagination. However some forms of newspaper writing namely features, and sub-editorials may differ from stories in style and tone. Normally full time reporters do the difficult job of reporting. They gather the day’s important news stories normally in the evening. These stories range from political news to sports news and economic news; as well as diplomatic news or news of scientific discoveries. As such the language used in these items will not be the same. Readers too do not expect to see a similar language used in reporting a medical discovery and another report on the countries’ increasing crime situation.


6. Write a letter to the General Manager of a Mobile Phone Company for setting up an additional tower in your locality.


Write a letter to a friend telling him about your bitter experience as a job seeker.


7. Charge the following words as directed and make sentences with the changed words (any five):-

(a) Anger (Adv);

(b) Intention (Verb);

(c) Memory (Adj);

(d) Luckily (Noun);

(e) Vigorous (Noun);

(f) Ugliness (Adj);

(g) Vacant (Verb);

(h) Starve (Noun).


8. Use your own words to complete each of the following sentences (any five):-

(a) You are too short to ——————– .

(b) The boy reads more so that ———————– .

(c) Though he is poor, he —————————— .

(d) Wait for me until ———————- .

(e) Everybody loves him ——————- .

(f) I cannot accept him ———————– .

(g) The sailors throats were so dry that —————- .

(h) We shall play provided ——————————- .